Cheshire Body Clinic

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Cheshire Body Clinic Fully Responsive Web Design


Client: Cheshire Body Clinic


Sector: Health & beauty


Project: Bespoke Information Website


The Challenge: PMB Web Solution was asked to design and develop a professional looking website that contains all the information about the company as well as all the services they provide. Cheshire Body Clinic wanted a website that was nice to look at as well as easy to navigate. They had recently opened up a new clicking so also needed their website adding to Google maps as well as having the website submitted to Google and other search engines.


The Result: We designed and created Cheshire Body Clinic's new website based on their requirements and needs. We created them a professional bespoke fully responsive website that contained all their information and services. When the website was complete we submitted their website to Google and over 140 different search engines. We also submitted the business to Google maps allowing local customers to find Cheshire Body Clinic on Google maps.




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Fully Responsive Web Design

Cheshire Body Clinic is a fully responsive website. This means that whatever device the website is viewed in it will automatically resize and display the content at the correct size, making it easier for the visitor to navigate the website without having to zoom in and out. All websites PMB Web Solutions create are fully responsive and mobile friendly.




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