ebay ban active content, javascript & flash in listings by 2017

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eBay has announced they will be banning active content in all ebay listings in 2017, this means that ebay sellers will no longer be able to include javascripts and flash within their listing pages. So things like dynamic categories and dynamic scrolling galleries provided by 3rd party companies will no longer work. 


Ebay say the following “The use of active content in listings, including JavaScript, Flash and form actions can inhibit purchases on mobile devices and can lead to abuse in the marketplace. From spring 2017, we’ll limit the use of active content in all new listings across all devices and it will not appear by default. Later in 2017, we plan to remove or block listings with active content. We encourage you to limit your use of active content now“.


Ebay have given sellers and developers plenty of time to start making changes to their current listings, they also recommend all ebay listing templates should also be fully mobile friendly, as a large percentage of ebay buyers now use their mobile phones or the ebay app to make purchases on ebay. So here at PMB Web Solutions we have decided to help ebay sellers by creating a fully responsive mobile friendly ebay template. The new ebay template we have created is fully compatible with ebay 2017 no active content rules. The new 2017 responsive ebay template is available as a one off payment of just £49.99. If you would like to order this please get in contact with us.


Ebay recommend removing all active content so that liting pages load faster and provide your buyers with a better online buying experience, as well as making ebay a more secure place for buyers and sellers to trade online.


What will happen when the changes come into place in 2017?

If your listing templates contains active content such as dynamic categories, javascript, dynamic scrolling gallers etc.. then the listings pages will still stay live on ebay but none of the active content will work. This basicly means any information or content loaded using javascript will no longer show on your ebay listings. So it's recommended you start updating your active listings as soon as possible to prevent any problems in 2017 when ebay ban active content. If you need any help or advice on what you need to do, or if you would like us to check your current ebay listings please drop us an email or give us a call. 


Do you need help?

Do you need help making your listings mobile friendly and fully compatible with ebay's 2017 no active content policy? We have a ready made fully mobile friendly ebay listing template that contains no active content and is ready for ebay's new 2017 no active content policy, The ebay template is ready to go and we will add your logo and info to the template included in the one off price of £49.99. This price is a one off payment and you will get access to your own online listing creator tool that will let you create your listings easily without having to know any HTML. Contact us today for more information and a live demo.


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